: Know Your Smart Shopper Paperback 2017 - Know your smart shopper focuses on helping retailers get ready for the Phygital Age. What exactly is Phygital? Is it a way to increase footfall at your store? Why are some online giants making the move to physical retail? Have they cracked the art of finding customers, or do they already know it? Is there a need for a retail Robin Hood, and how can he help to bring retail back? This book answers these questions and many more. Find out the role of technology in bringing retail back to stores that were loved by customers a few decades ago. Find out what customers really come to buy at stores.

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Yogesh Huja is one of the great technology pioneers, born in a family of warriors. His father served Indian Air Force & mother was a home maker. He is a creative wand since his childhood. In 2008 he got married to Shivani who is really a better half of him. They are blessed with two cute daughters Sonakshi & Sunaina.

He believed technology without an efficient support is like a body without soul.

He is an entrepreneur well known for his innovation, care & scale up capabilities. At the age of 21, he started his first venture Swaran Soft Support Solutions in the field of technology services. They served clients like Honda, Bausch & Lomb, DMRC and many other top giants of industry for their online presence, he felt the need of technology is much higher for someone who is in pain.

In 2015 he started Freedom Desi - A Retail Tech Startup with a vision of connecting retail worldwide. He is of a firm belief that to track the results of his advertising you need to have measuring scale.

He is an enthusiastic lover of music and columnist for leading magazines i.e, ET & more. Business World calls him “The Robin Hood of Offline Retail.”

Yogesh Huja

Author : Yogesh Huja

Category : Retail Marketing

Book Bio

What is the common question that a retail business owner asks to a store manager?

What was the footfall today!

" - Know your smart shopper" gives insight about current retail scenario, their challenges & new solutions to make the smart shoppers happy. It’s a book on future of retail & behavior of smart shopper

Traditional advertising has been considered the only source for generating footfall & when same is failing for smart shopper then what innovation will bring back retail.

The book is established on experiential learnings from retail worldwide.


“Yogesh is very entrepreneurial and comes across detail oriented and relationship driven. Yogesh understands technology.” Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief - BW Business World

“Yogesh’s Entrepreneurial spirit, drive, speed, business focus is quite amazing. Swaran Soft is the evidence of what he can do - from scratch to assembling a super technical team to design and implementation. He also helped other online companies to set up their team and operations “ Arpit Singh, Helping SAPs Strategic Customers (SCP) Run Simple in the HANA Enterprise Cloud

“This book is a practical approach in building Smart Retail” Atul Mehta, Director Sales - DELL

Target Audience


  • Retailers
  • Marketers
  • Business Leaders
  • Mall Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Sales People
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Brands & Brand Consultants


  • Increase Your Retail Footfall
  • Know Smart Shopper Behavior
  • Re-engage Customers
  • Manage Retail Analytics
  • Make difficult conversations easy
  • Get and keep the right customers

Book Excerpt

Remember when you failed last time in school & your teacher or parents scolded and said you are worst. But then they gave you reasons & worked on area of improvements together with you. Sadly today when everyone talks about “The Online Vs Offline Retail War” and foresee the offline retail failing or losing the battle, as an ultimate consumer who cares for experience it’s time to work with this weak student of class.

It’s not the story of existence of one, as the trade has clear rules of coexistence. Importantly we find the real Consumer oscillating between price & experience.

We all know online is about data & making meaningful decision on data which translates into sales. Every online consumer is pampered with exciting offerings from e-tailers on click of a button and a virtual touch of customer service with soft voice from contact centers.

Few Large Format Retailers (LFRs) also show some guts of standing strong as e-tailers but the customer satisfaction keeps on going down as we move from LFR to a Small Shop.

Increasing growth in number of malls & area of malls getting bigger is not luring the shoppers. Concept of Show rooming: Trying at Offline Store & Buying Online is seen quite often. The once customer buzzing place faces desertion. Shoppers are hardly or even not seen to visit these malls or markets.

Owners who once had a stable profit gainer are now desperately looking for other options. Many have converted these malls into commercial offices, LFRs, etc in order to make them profitable. The question though among many is whether the mall boom and buzz is going to be regained.



  1. Ad Ideas: What are the steps to follow when creating an hyper local ad?
  2. Advertising failure: My ads continually fail to convert. What can I do to make them succeed?
  3. Learning about smart shopper: I don’t know much about my customers. What are some ways to learn more about how they think?
  4. Offer Ideas: What kind of offer shall I create so that my product sells?
  5. Try and buy: I know that people will love my product it I can just get them to try it. What are some ways to entice them to try it?
  6. Where to advertise: Should I advertise nationally? Locally?
  7. Guarantee success: How can I guarantee that my ad campaign will succeed?
  8. Market testing: What is market testing and how can it benefit me?
  9. Customer retention: How can I make sure my customers keep coming back?
  10. Ad content: What should my ad say? Should I use a lot of copy? Should I use lots of pictures? Should I be amusing?
  11. Taking the guesswork out: If marketing trial and error? Or are there scientific principals you can apply to make sure you sell?
  12. Headlines: What should my headline for my ad be? Is the headline even important?


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